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August 28, 2003     Tyler Tribute
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August 28, 2003

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I Church and Home Page I The Tyler Tribute, Thursday, August 28, DANEBOD LUTHERAN ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN Pastor PA TRICIA BA GLIEN Tyler Pastor DON WINDSPER GER Lake Benton Friday-Sunday, Aug. 29-31 - Stefansen reunion Saturday, Aug. 30:6:45 a.m., men's Bible study. Sunday, Aug. 31:9:30 a.m., worship service. Tuesday, Sept. 2:2 p.m., se- nior group. FIRST ENGLISH LUTHERAN i Pastor STEVE CARMANY, ! Tyte/ Wednesday, Aug. 27:2 p.m., Afternoon Circle. Thursday, Aug. 28:9:30 a.m., nursing home. Sunday, Aug. 31' 9:30 a.m., worship service; 10:30 a.m., cof- fee fellowship. Tuesday, Aug. 26:6:45 a.m., men's Bible study; 6 p.m., Bible study. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN Pastor LARRY WIEDERICH Tyler Wednesday, Aug. 27:7 p.m., Sunday school teachers. Sunday, Aug. 31:9 a.m., wor- ship service with Holy Commun- ion. Tuesday, Sept. 2:8 a.m, Trea- sure Box Preschool begins; 3:30 p.m., cable TV worship, Tyler, channel 3. Wednesday, Sept. 3:6-7 p.m., confirmation class; 7 p.m., young people. Wednesday, August 27:2 p.m., cable service, channel 3. Sunday, August 31:9 a.m., worship service; refreshments fol- low. Wednesday, Sept. 3:2 p.m., cable service, channel 3. GRACE LUTHERAN t Pastor JASON WAHLSTROM Lake Benton Sunday, Aug. 31:9:30 a.m., worship service at Grace; congre- gational shared ministry meeting to follow. CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE ' Pastor WAYDE KENNEKE Tyler Sunday, Aug. 31:10 a.m., wor- ship service. GRACE-FIRST PARISH Russell GRACE LUTHERAN Sunday, August 31:9"30 a.m. worship service at First Presbyte- rian. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Sunday, August 31:9:30 a.m. worship service at First Presbyte- rian. ZION !LIGHTHOUSE I LUTHERAN ASSEMBLY I Vacancy Pastor  Keith SCHREINER Pastor. LONNY CARPENTER Island Lake Township Lake Benton Sunday, August 31:8 a.m., worship service. ST. DIONYSIUS & ST. GENEVIEVE CATHOLIC = . Wednesday: 7 p.m., Bible study. Sunday: 9:30 a.m., Sunday School; 10:30 a.m., worship ser- vice. Wednesday: 7 p.m., Bible study. FIRST Father HARRY BEHAN i BAPTIST Tyler Thursday, Aug. 28:8 a.m., mass at St. Genevieve. Saturday, August 30:5:30 p.m., mass at St. Dionysius. Sunday, August 31:8:30 a.m., mass at St. Dionysius; 10:30 a.m., mass at St. Genevieve. SKANDIA EVANGELICAL FREE Pasto r MARK FISH Tyler-Lake Benton Wednesday. Aug. 27:8 p.m., midweek Bible study and prayer. Sunday, Aug. 31:9:30 a.m., Sunday school; 10 a.m., morning service; 7:30 p.m., evening service. Wednesday. Sept. 3:8 p.m., midweek Bible study and prayer. COUNTRY CHURCH Pastor KEN CULBERTSON' Rural Balaton Sunday, August 31:8:30 a.m., radio broadcast on K JOE FM ! 06. !; 10 a.m., worship service. Tuesday, Sept. 2:3:30 p.m., TV broadcast on Tyler Public Access station. Pastor RICH DE RUYTER Ruthton Every Wednesday evening, 7:00 p.m., Bible study and prayer. Sunday, 10:00 a.m., worship.. Sunrise Manor Focus on the Family Monday morning we had mani- cures and did our exercises. In the afternoon we played bingo. Our volunteers for bingo today were Esther•Hauswedell and Marian Duus. Joyce Thomsen read cur- rent events later in the day. Tuesday morning we watched the Skandia Church tape and did our exercises. In the afternoon we played ring toss. Later we read current events. In the evening Spin Trautman and Helen Olsen helped us with bingo. Wednesday morning, Bev Hess read a few chapters for our Book Club. During crafts, we made our October door decorations and then did our exercises. We bowled in the afternoon. Our winners this week were Rudy Mattson and Mathilda Olsen. Brandon and Lexie Rieder were our pin setters. Wednesday evening we enjoyed having our families and friends here for our Annual Summer Picnic. Lots of visiting and good food. We love company and parties. We would like to thank everyone for coming and thank those who helped in ev- ery way. Thursday morning Pastor Kenneke led us in devotions. We then read the Tyler Tribute and did our exercises. In the afternoon some residents went on an outing while others learned some tongue twisters. Later in the day we read current events. Today we cel- ebrated Darline Johnson's 70th birthday. Friday morning we read the Lake Benton news and read some poetry. We then did our exercises. In the afternoon we enjoyed music by Marvin Krause and Lilas Toft. Current events were read later in the day. Saturday was Gene Kelly's birthday so in the morning we watched part one of his famous movie "Singing In The Rain." In the afternoon we had popcorn and watched part two. Hilda Duus and Arlene Wilmes popped popcorn for US. Sunday morning we watched a movie and in the afternoon Immanuel Lutheran Church led our Sunday afternoon service. The la- dies served a delicious lunch. Our sympathy goes out to the family of Jeanette Wellberg. We would like to welcome Hannah Jensen to Sunrise Manor. Visitors this week included: Monday, Aug. 18: Merv and Lois Peterson visited Florence E. Christianson. Shirley Schnell vis- ited Alice Svendsen. Toni Maranell visited lowen Alexander. Ashton Beck visited Iowen Alexander. Wednesday, Aug. 20: Mory and Mona Christianson visited Florence E. Christianson. Jeanne Norgaard visited Alice Svendsen. Allan and Dorothy Hansen visited Marie Pickering. Spin Trautman visited Marie Pickering. Helen Olsen vis- ited Marie Pickering. Susan Jacobsen of Minneapolis visited Edna Utoft. Burta Jacobsen of Marshall visited Edna Utoft. Dwayne and Bonnie Brinkman vis- ited Florence E. Christianson. Ron and Doris Schreurs visited Caroline Schreurs. Nancy and Marlowe Thooft visited Caroline Schreurs. Merv and Lois Peterson visited Flo- rence E. Christianson. Gerald and Jean Runia visited Bergitte Magnuson. Thursday, Aug. 21 : Duane Blake visited Don Cupp. Carla Mortensen visited Edna Utoft. Sonja Walker visited Edna Utoft. Dave and Aloha Buchert visited Everett Buchert. Inga Kromann visited Leona Jensen, Edna Utoft, Leona Schak, Alice Sagmoen, Marie Jagt, Edna. Alleckson and Nita Bornhoft. George and Bea Dubbeldee visited Caroline Schreurs and other resi- dents. Sunday, Aug. 24: Spin Trautman visited Marie Pickering. Dorothy Hansen visited Marie Pickering. Helen Olsen visited Marie Pickering. Danebod Village Singers for the week included Don and Avis Nelson, Arden and Ardith Sween, Vivian Rickford, Evelyn Johnson, Helen Guida, Rosetta Knuth, and Don Nelson's sister Carol. Thanks Carole for apples, Jess Kragh for tomatoes, Runias for carrots, and Sweens for tomatoes. Dorothy Alderson left on Sun- day. Ardis Petersen attended the band concert Monday evening. Tuesday Joan Moberg visited her dad, Lloyd and had coffee with the residents. Ardis Petersen attended the fall meeting from Wednesday evening through Sunday. Wednesday Fern Norgaard en- tertained her Ruthton card club in the afternoon. Donald Norgaard's grandson, Tim VanLoh and wife and children from Japan visited. They went out for noon lunch. Donna Svendsen visited her mom and had coffee with the resi- dents. Sherry Winter from Cedar Falls, IA and several of Ardis Petersen's family attending the fall meeting visited during the week. Friday evening the residents and staff enjoyed supper at the golf course. This was their yearly out- ing and was enjoyed by everyone. Kevin Crawford and Roy Yonker were here to visit Ruby this week. Orville's granddaughter Marcy and Steven Twedese and children visited Orville and Clara Oxholm Saturday afternoon. AdelineJohnson visited Marga- ret Wooge Tuesday afternoon. Carla Mortensen and Sonja Walker from Minneapolis visited Ruby and Ceal Utoft on Thursday. Wanda Carpenter of Herman and Sara Austin of Minneapolis and Marvin and Lilen Kuhlman were Tuesday evening visitors of Zenith Story. Rick and Carol Petersen visited Raymond petersen on Sunday. Attending church services Sun- day were Zenith Story, Lloyd Blegen, Donald Norgaard, Dean Hansen, Clarence Johnson, Ardis Petersen, Clifford Kittelson and Ellen Nielsen. Joan Moberg had Sunday din- ner with her dad, Lloyd Blegen. Vernon Rix visited Chas Sorensen Sunday. Elaine Christiansen Jensen and her husband visited Chas Sorensen Sunday. David, Pam and Zac Norgaard visited Don during the week. Blanche Jorgensen and Don and Deloris Oerter visited Gladys during the week. Tillie Daas' great-nephew vis- ited Monday forenoon. Ellen Nielsen attended the fall meeting at Danebod. Dorothy Alderson left Sunday to visit Braham, MN to visit her sister Mavis and her family. Her sister, Betty and sister-in-law Went with them. They also went to Mil Lacs to visit cousins and a friend. Corney Zienstra from Holland and her sister and husband from Pipestone all visited Dorothy. Mike and Margaret Wooge vis- ited Glen Meyer at Jeffers Wednes- day afternoon. With DR. JAMES Dd Shy Boyfriend Leaves Woman At A Loss For Words QUESTION: My boyfriend doesn't talk to me very much. He's just a very quiet and shy person. Will he always be this way? ! wish he'd tell me what he's thinking and feeling. DR. DOBSON: Your question reminds me of a 12-year-old boy who had never spoken a word. His parents and siblings thought he couldn't talk because they'd never heard his voice. Then one day the boy's mother placed some soup in front of him and he ate a spoonful. Then he pushed the bowl away and said, "This is slop, and 1 won't eat any more of it!" The family was ecstatic. He'd actually spoken a complete sen- tence. They all jumped around glee- fully, and his father said, "Why haven't you ever talked to us be- fore?" The boy replied, "Because up until now, everything has been OK." Maybe your boyfriend will sur- prise you one day with a flurry of words, but I doubt it. Shyness and an introverted personality result primarily from an inborn tempera- ment that tends to be very persis- tent throughout life. Research shows that approximately 15 per- cent of children are genetically pro- grammed to be somewhat intro- verted like your friend and that most of them will always be that way. It appears that some people just seem to be born "noisy," and others prefer to keep their thoughts to themselves. Your boyfriend may be one of the latter. If you choose to marry him, I hope you'll do so with your eyes wide open. You're probably not going to change him. Many women fall in love with the strong, silent type and then resent their men for the rest of their lives because they won't talk to them. QUESTION: I'm the boy- friend who doesn't talk very much. I've been that way all of my life. Part of the problem is that 1 just don't like to reveal what I'm feeling. But also, ! don't know how to talk to people. I get really uncomfort- able when I'm with people and I'm expected to say things. Can you give me some hints about how to express myself?. DR. DOBSON: It might help you to understand the basics of good conversation. Let me ask you to imagine that the two of us are facing each other about eight feet apart. You have four tennis balls in your hands, and you toss one of them to me. instead of throwing the ball back, however, I hold it and wait for you to toss another to me. Eventually, all four balls are jn my Following 10:00 Mass Pork Roast and Au Gratin Potatoes Dinner o q",,; Under the Big Tent G 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. G A "Happy Feet" A M on the grounds M E 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. E s Raffle & Drawing for s Great Prizes I MLS ON WHEELS, Ca" on or I before 9-5-03 247-3464 or 487-5545 Lunch  Country .. Stand Store DO YOU HA VE SOMETHING TO Drop it Off al: 151 North Tyler Street .: Mail it to us at: P.O. Box Q, Tyler, MN 56178 Fax it to US at: 507-247-5502 or E-mail us at: hands. We stand there looking each other awkwardly and dering what to do next. The is over. Good conversation is thing like that game person throws an idea or a ment to the other, and he or then tosses it back. But ifthat ond person doesn't return it, game ends. Both players feel ward and wish they could be where else. Let me illustrate ther. Suppose 1 say to my son he comes home in the "How did it go in school he answers, "Fine," he has the ball and held it. We ing more to say to each other less I can come up with comment - another "ball" to him. But if my son says, "I good day because l got my history test," he has ball and thrown it back. I can say, "Was it a difficult "Did you study hard for it?" or' bet you're proud of yourself." If my son replies, "Yes," wrecked the game again. the conversation going, he to throw back something stance, such as, "It was a exam, but it was fair." Then I "game" can continue. As for your relationship future wife, it won't be just throw the ball back to She's going to want you intimate than that. She'll know how you feel about you dream about, thi you, what you'd like her to You can learn to put these into words, even though probably never be a bi suggest that you push yours€ this direction rather than "That's just how l am." Your € will probably have to make changes to accommodate That's what a good all about. Dr. Dobson is president Family, P O. Box 444, Springs, CO 80903, • or v family, org Questions are excerpted from "The Marriage and Family Home erence Guide," Tyndale House• These columns the Tyler Alliance Chapel. Thank You The family of Weliberg wishes to ex their gratitude and to the staffof Sunrise Manor thei standing during our mother'S there; to the nursin Tyler Hospital for the high of care and concern; Klingler for his kindness encouragement during mother's last days; to Asuncion for his excellent of our mother in the to all the friends, nei and new, and relatives brought flowers, food an dd pressions of sympathy after! loss. Thank you to Windsperger for beautiful vices and to the Dorcas of St. John's Lutheran in Lake Benton for the lunch served during following the service. Thank you to the Funeral Home and for the wonderful arran thank you to Carmen Rogg e her beautiful song at the mittal service, all the s bearers, to all the frien ds family who travelled of town to be with us eryone who gave membrances. The family of Jeanette Wellberg Betty Rogge, Naomi and