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August 29, 2002     Tyler Tribute
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August 29, 2002

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I = u:,i,, Opinion Page The Tyler Tribute, Thursday, August 29, 2002 - Page Letter to the Editor Commissioners Notes Appreciates Coverage Of Danebod Folk Meeting Dear Editor: On behalf of our program plan- ning committee for the Danebod Folk Meeting 1 am writing to say thank you for the news coverage you gave us. We appreciate the publicity and were glad to see a few local folk in attendance at some of our sessions. Besides Kirstine and myself, members of the committee are Emery and Val Thomsen, Carol Johansen, Ricke Bly, Ardis Petersen, Harald and Margaret Madsen, Asta Twedt, Sonja Hansen Walker, and Pastor Patricia Baglien, host pastor. I haven&apos;t seen the final report on the number of registered par- ticipants, but we served 162 people at the noon meal on Friday. A few local residents opened their homes for overnight guests, or we would have had to send them away. Thanks to the generosity of Tyler's spirit. Sincerely, Peter Thomsen Tyler, MN Tillie's Thankful For Successful Danebod Fall Folk Meeting Dear Editor: You know we had some great days last week at the Danebod Fall Folk Meeting. it was a great time in many ways. The fellowship was wonderful. We met new friends, and we hope they will be able to come again. The singing periods, two a day, raised the roof, as the saying goes. We have three sets of books from which to choose songs or hymns. Some songs we sang were in Dan- ish but more in English. Sometimes we sang in both languages simul- taneously. At one time 1 thought that was crazy - but it works just fine, I have learned. The morning devotions were all different and all inspirational - a good beginning to carry us thru long and full days. The lectures were as good as mini-college courses. We learned a lot about many different topics - but without homework or tests. The dramatic presentation Sat- urday evening based on themes from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales was striking. I must go look for those stories and read them again. It was gratifying to see quite a few local people come to sit in on part or all of the meeting. Often people have the idea that for any- thing to be worthwhile, we have to go away from home to enjoy it, or at least buy a ticket for each event. Many people did go far away from home to come to this meet- ing. They came from California and Washington on the West Coast, Arizona and Texas in the South, and Florida and New York in the East, as well as from many other places. In fact, we had more people for meals than the dining room would hold. So the last in line had to wait till the first in line had fin- ished eating and left room for them. They say an army marches on its stomach. So do conferences like this. The food was marvelous. They were great days. I am happy to have been able to take part. Thankfully yours, Tillie Tyler Asks Everyone To Watch Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon LI00-I"'S TRY SOhtt00l"HIHG ON THIS LABOR DAY-- LII<00 HAV00 A RI00AL DAY OFF ! Dear Editor: Our family wants to take a moment to ask everyone to tune in the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Tele- thon to benefit the Muscular Dys- trophy Association this weekend. As a family with a loved one with a neuromuscular disease, I know firsthand the valuable assis- tance provided by MDA to people with more than 50 neuromuscular diseases. Support groups, financial help with medical equipment and the MDA clinic at Neurology As- sociates are just a few of the im- portant services MDA offers. Most important of all is MDA's ongoing search for cures and treatments through its aggressive research program, which makes exciting progress every day. The Telethon will be broadcast September 2 beginning at 7 a.m. on KSFY-TV, or can be seen on the web at Thank you in advance for watching and supporting this cause. It means the world to people right here in Minnesota. Sincerely, Don and Susan BuM Tyler, MN Seeking Memorabilia From Russell and Tyler Dear Editor: I am from Tennessee and my wife is from Buffalo, MN. Her dad was from Russell and was fond of the town of Tyler. We named our second son Russell Tyler Smith. I am looking for small memo- rabilia (antiques), items from stores, dairy, businesses, etc., that had logos including "Russell, Min- nesota" and/or "Tyler, Minnesota" on them. We recently visited Buf- falo and my brother-in-law had a butter box from the Russell Cream- ery. Perhaps even some calendars from 1992, his birth year, would be good. If you can help direct me, I would be thankful. Greg Smith home e-mail: Thanks, again. How Would The Voucher Program Affect RTR Schools? Providing government funds for religious and private schools has been an issue for many decades. State legislators have waged ongo- ing battles. The Elementary and Secondary Education Act, created in 1965, had to finesse the church/ state issue by allowing Title 1 help to children from religious schools, as long as the instruction was in a "neutral setting," with both the set- ting and the Title I teachers pro- vided by the local school district. Up until June 27, 2002, it was always clear: The government shall not pay for religious and private school education of any kind at the elementary and secondary school level. However, the June 27th U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, gave the green light to Ohio's voucher program which allows state funds to be sent to religious schools for the educa- tion of some children from poor families in Cleveland. Congress has, on many occa- sions, addressed vouchers and fed- eral tax credits for tuition payments made by parents for the education of their child in a religious and/or private school. The "high water mark" for backers of public schools came in the U.S. Senate in 1983. While the U.S. Supreme Court may see government funding of private schools as "offer[ing] aid Guest Column directly to a broad class of indi- viduals defined without regard to religion," it must be noted that our forefathers came to this land to escape government suppression and/or domination of religion. The U.S. Supreme Court has just issued a landmark ruling in fa- vor of the Cleveland vouchers pro- gram. This decision was perhaps the biggest advancement yet for a movement that embraces not only vouchers, but also an assortment of new arrangements in public schools, among them charter schools, open enrollment, corpo- rate management of public schools, and other alternatives to public schools. The high court voted 5-4 for a program that allows low-in- come families tuition aid for reli- gious, as well as secular private schools. The vouchers, according to the court decided, do not violate the U.S. Constitution prohibiting against a government establishment of religion. The question is how will this affect the schools in Minnesota and specifically the RTR and Lake Benton Districts? To give an ex- ample of the possible effects is a quote from State Rep. Tony Kielkucki, a republican and a former Catholic schoolteacher, "The debate will now be a public issue." He is already working to revive his failed voucher bill from earlier this year. It is important for the patrons of the district to keep an eye on the legislature when this bill comes for- ward. There is more than just school choice to consider on this factor. Will the voucher program cause the taxpayers higher taxes in the future? Further questions to ask is will these schools have to follow the same rules as the public schools in order to receive the dollars? What kind of affect would the voucher system have on the state budget, which is running a large deficit? Not to mention the effect that it could have on the local school district budgets. Another question to ask your legislator is how many dol- lars are going to be taken away from public school to fund private schools? Are you, as taxpayers, willing to pay additional taxes for the voucher system to be put in place in Minnesota? Please keep a close eye on the legislature in this manner. Sincerely, Bruce Houck Superintendent RTR Public Schools The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Whitewater Squirrels We've camped along the Whitewater River (well, the south branch of it anyway) for years. By St. Charles, MN. It's a beautiful, peaceful spot in a hidden valley, along a trout stream. There are birds galore, of every type (including bluebirds). But we've noticed that there are no squirrels. Never seen one in all the years we've been there. There are raccoons occasion- ally. And wild turkeys, and hawks, and moles, and deer and even coy- otes. But no squirrels. And after all these years, we've finally learned why. Bill shoots them. Bill is one of the campers in the valley. And there's more. A secret society of campers holds a myste- rious burial service for each squir- rel. They bury them in the "Piney Squirrel Cement-Terry, in the Tributaries by CHUCK A hidden camera photo of bizarre squirrel burial. Whitewater Territory." (Are you paying attention, Stephen King?) They have little gravestones for each one. The tombstones say things like "R.I.P. Squeeky - He put up a good fight." Yup, each squirrel has (or is it had?) a name. Names like "Chatty," "Chippy," "Slippery," "Nutty," "Sneaky, .... Snoopy," and "Daffy." Now, before you start thinking "People Of The Corn" scenarios, there is a reason for all this blood- shed. The squirrels get into the campers and the bird feeders and the storage sheds and cause havoc. The campers consider them nasty rodents - similar to rats - pests. So Bill shoots them. Personally, we are going to keep on the campers (and Bill's) good side. We still haven't found out what happens to campers who are pests... TT- TT- TT- TT- TT by DAVID 5th Dist. Comm. Linc. County Levy LLMHS Same As Last On August 21, 2002 the lar board meeting of Lincoln Murray Human Services at the Slayton, MN LLMHS. After the board its way through the consent tion of the agenda and through the decision itemS, major items remained - and benefits committee the 2003 budget request. A spokesperson for and benefits committee report on the findings of 1 mittee, which has ary issue for quite some report offered some very comparisons with most ranges being the other human services of comparable size. Some recommendations that forth from the committee'S ings were to move the scale l slightly, lower the number in the wage scales, performance evaluations to accurately reflect employee F mance and not change for employees movin job descriptio- within the The salary and benefits will continue to study the come back to the full with their The other major topic cussion at the last ing concerned the 2003 quest. Steve Glaser budget presentation, the financial officer via a presentation in conjunction budget sheet handout. through all of the cate are handled by the agency revenue and expenditure accompany them as well. LLMHS agencies together more than 49 lars total during the course in our three counties, so working with some amounts when one adds columns together. The bl budget request for coun the amount that our to contribute from local taxes to provide all mandated by the state and: government, has not been six years and has even duced. The county levy 1998 was $4,025,735.00 reduced to $3,988,115.00 in The county levy requeS LLMHS for 2003 that proved by the full board mously was $3,988,115: same as 2002. This was by using $341,730.00 fror n serve funds leaving the reserve balance of lion dollars or about six This is by accountin very good for the agency forward, although any the 2004 budget will fect of raising the county quest in the following year still a tremendous may very well be the only services agency in the at this level and is a employees of the administration good job over the year. As always I can be 507-247-5672 or commish5@r - Establbhed ka 1972- Official Newspaper of Unooin Countyl the City of Tyler, RTR Middle School, Russell, and RTR High School, Tyler Published Weekly on Thursdays by Hunt & Hunt Newspapers 151 North Tyler Street Tyler, MN 56178 Charles R. 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