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October 18, 2017     Tyler Tribute
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October 18, 2017

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Tyler Tribute - Page 4 pn nlon Wednesday, October 18, 2017 A good time to learn more on cyber security during National Cybersecurity Awareness month Dear Editor: Letter to Whether we realize it or not, the Editor the internet affects almost every aspect of our lives. We're con- Cyber criminals don't dis- stantly connected, through our criminate. They will target any computers, smartphones and vulnerable computer system, even when we swipe our credit whether it's part of a large card at the local store, corporation, small business or Electric utilities are no excep- belongs to a home user. Each tion. We are reliant on technol- of us plays a role in protecting ogy to deliver services and are ourselves from cyber thieves. doing everything possible to As October is National Cyber- ensure your information, as well security Awareness Month, it's as the vast network ensuring a good time to learn more about the reliable delivery of electric- what you can do to ensure your ity, is protected, information is safeguarded. As the City of Tyler's whole- To learn how you can stay safe sale power supplier, Heartland online, visit the National Cy- Consumers Power District, bersecurity Alliance website at has partnered with SBS Cyber- staysafeonline.org. Security to help each of our customer utilities ensure the ap- Sincerely, propriate security controls are Russell Olson, CEO in place to protect confidential Heartland Consumers information. Power District ".lust beat my record for most consecutive days without dying." Bill Murray, actor I literally can't even ... Okay, I'm going to cross the lines this week, and go library Thoughts along the way Van, during his daily Shelly Launching 'happily ever after' in low, I try to be a good sport on most days. I really do. My life, however, seems to be filled with things that get a bit out of my comfort zone. I do my best not to be a wet blanket (is that term still used?) and usually agree to participate with varying amounts of reluctance. I have a full life, so most of my penchant for party pooper-ness can be traced back to the fact that I don't get to just be home on most evenings. Naturally then, when Kathy and I get an invitation to go do something with other humans, the first question that pops into my head is, "do I have to?" Most of the time, we hate to turn down an invitation if someone asks ...within reason. We generally agree to things like,an evening of. board games or ma~yb~ d:~nner'and a4~bal thea~erprod~ction.~'We would probably politely decline rafting down the Apple River or camp- ing in the Boundary Waters. We don't want to appear to be total recluses, so if it is within our bubble of interest we try to accommodate. Generally, no matter how much we had been looking forward to being home on an interrupted evening, the trip back afterward generally reveals the fact that we both thought "that was fun." I just always struggle with the question, however, "how much fun does one really need in one's life?" Weddings are also a neces- sary evil. Generally, you are in- vited because you are related to the soon-to-be bride or groom or you are a close friend. In the span of less than 12 months beginning last year, we had a string of eight weddings we felt we needed to attend. That's a whole lot of pulled pork and potato salad. Of course, when it is your own stepdaughter who invites you to attend, you clear your schedule. It wasn't the best of timing for me as it crashed into the second weekend of a play I was directing at the Opera House, but when we learned that Lindsay's wedding was scheduled for this past weekend we improvised. The Off the Mark undersized room. The food was Mark great (there was roast beef and Spudnuts...Google it). The mu- Wilmes sic and dancers were quite en- " tertaining. I even got reluctantly ~): ~ v dragged onto the floor for a few ,..i ,.--- . z, trips into my discomfort zone. ,~'/;;~%~.#J~fftf.'~:~,;~.~@:'~{~. When the celebration was ~~:,~ v!, finished and everything hauled out, I was lured from an early evening (11 p.m.) trip back to the hotel with the promise if I followed the wedding party to the karaoke bar, I would be released back into my natural habitat after a short stay. Some- time around 2 a.m. we finally headed to the hotel after being thoroughly entertained by Ad- am's (the groom) highly musical friends. I also was persuaded to dust off my rusty pipes and sing a couple of old screaming weekend was going to require me to leave for Iowa on Friday morning and unfortunately not return until Sunday afternoon, but it was for Lindsay. It would require me to be gone from my beloved home, my comfy bed and my soon-to-be lonely kitty for over two days, but it was for Lindsay. The wedding was scheduled to be on top of about a 200-yard glassy climb from a winery near Estherville, Iowa. I'm not exactly built for hiking, but it , Wagfor;L~ndsay. ........ : : ' When rain moved in Saturday afternoon, the wedding party of around 150 was moved into the winery itself, which seats about 75. My claustrophobia sensors were stimulated a bit at the thought of a small room packed with people, but it was for Lind- say, so a few deep breaths and things would have to be fine. The weekend required a two-night stay in a hotel and, as tends to be the case these days, I had to sleep on an extra firm (read cement slab with blankets) bed. We were on the second floor of a hotel with no elevator for this non-hiker to use to ascend to Room 204. By the time the laptop, CPAP ma- chine, fan, dress clothes, duffle bag and miscellaneous necessi- ty bag was carted upstairs after a 90-minute visit to the clinic last week for "leg issues," I was ready to turn in for the night. Wedding rehearsal, however, still had to happen. I went into the weekend thinking that although I would do anything for the bride, I was going to be miserable not get- ting to sit in my humble Tyler home. That could not have been farther from reality. The wedding was nearly as beauti- ful as the bride, carried out by talented sister-in-law officiant, Susan. The guests seemed to adjust to the "coziness" of the on you. dose of Twitter, came across something that left me com- pletely baffled. I mean, I liter- ething is Finzen limiting factor. Basically, if you~ live in the state, you can have a card. The application form is i relatively painless, although a photo ID is usually required. At the Lake Benton Public Library, a library card gets you, absolutely free access to hun- dreds of thousands of books, movies, CDs, audiobooks, e-books, e-audiobooks, cake pans, games, puzzles, scholarly documents, maps, devices, and a whole bunch of other things. Did I mention that yoU can use these things absolutely free? There is no rental fee. ally can't even... Based on the content of the post, the person who posted had never been to a public library. He thought that li- brary cards were some sort of club membership that gave a discount on book rentals. Throughout the post, he actu- ally referred to checking the books out as "renting." I still have trouble believing this is possible in the United States, but apparently it is. So, just in case someone else out there doesn't know about public libraries and library cards, here's the scoop. In Minnesota, any state citi- zen is entitled to a free library card, regardless of age, gender, income level, or any other cat- egory that might possibly be a Thoughts continues on page 5 New releases that Beatles songs. Sometime during [ .~ - ~- ~ ~ ........... ~'. ' : ~ ......... i' ................. our trip to the ;hotel, l mpretty;: [~',j~..,,gr~ " ~ nte'nd sure l remember one of us say- :10IIUU e rS::, ing, "that was fun." ~" .... For most of us, autumn means On the Screen fall colors and the first touch of Jack Frost. But in Hollywood, it's Paul ~:~ do or die time for Oscar-worthy Olson films. Contenders for Academy Awards must be on the screen by year's end in order to be considered, so studios often ...... save their best for last in order ~ ....... " T, * to outshine the competition. Here's a look at new releases late 1800s it was America's ge- that should be in the lineupnius, Thomas Edison and direct for some gold. Check out their current, up against millionaire previews on YouTube. George Westinghouse and .... alternating current. There could "The Current War" (Opens be only one winner. Benedict Nov. 24) - Apple vs. Microsoft. Cumberbatch stars as Edison VHS vs. Betamax. Those battles and Michael Shannon is West- were peanuts compared to who would light the world. In the On the Screen continues on page 5 --Established in 1972- Sunday morning brought gift opening, which soon became Sunday afternoon. By the time we finally extracted ourselves from Iowa, I had missed most of the final show at the Opera House. (I got to see the final two scenes. The cast was mag- nificent, but we'll have to talk about that another day.) Despite calling it a night shortly after 10 on Sunday evening, I was stunned to find out Monday arrived so quickly. Maybe I'll be caught up on my sleep by this weekend. Adam and Lindsay love each other very much and with four little girls, they will have a built-in family. It won't be easy but they seem ready to face the challenge. Kathy and I will enjoy spoiling the girls (two of them have already called me "Papa." Not sure that I'm old enough for that moniker yet, but it was hard to argue after the way I felt Monday morning). Congratulations to the new- lyweds. If anyone is looking for me in the next few days, I'll be tucked here in my comfort zone. And before any family or friends think about proposing to someone, would it kill you to check with me first? Phone and fax -- 507-247-5502 E-mail tribute@tylertribute.com ly bugging me Publisher Charles R. Hunt Editor -- Mark Wilmes Subscriptions $36.00 - Lincoln, Pipestone, and Lyon Counties $42.00 - Residents with 561 or 562 zip codes ,(excluding the above named counties) $46.00 - All other subscriptions I don't know where my birds went, but I sure could use a few. Between the spiders and the flies, I haven't decided which is worse at this point. Since the birds seemed to have given up the novelty of getting into my car, I started leaving my windows open on a regular basis. Well, then the flies got "sticky"-- you know how it is. Those buggers seem to multiply by the day, and if a window or door gets left open, the flies come right in. So, I had a few in my car. One day, my daughter noticed a spider ah... string? I don't know what it's called. Not the whole web, just a single string going across my dashboard in my car. After she pointed it out to me, "Mum! You have a spider in your car!" I said, "Leave it. Maybe she'll eat the flies." I don't know what happened to THAT spider, but no web ever was found, hence, no flies were I have issues Tammy Mathison caught. BUT--now this could actually have been the same spider, or not, but as I was driving the other day, a spider decided to drop in and say hello. Maybe it wanted to thank me for not killing it earlier. I don't know. But, when you have a spider drop down from the ceiling in your car and dangle in front of your face, you tend to freak out a little hit. Maybe it's just me who does that. I don't know. But there it was. I let out a screech and it dropped a little further, somewhere in the area of my chest. So now I'm driving, watching the road, and beating my chest hoping that I get it smooshed. I pulled over and started looking, and there it was, on my leg. I grabbed a tissue and nabbed it, then dis- posed of it in a garbage can. The next spider decided to visit me in the bathroom. I saw it sitting on the toilet, which was a huge NOPE for me] I brushed it into the potty and as it was rapidly trying to climb back out, I flushed it and watched it go down the chute, praying it did not swim back upstream, and checked for residual spiders. So, back to my birds. Don't they eat spiders? If they do, I will cheerfully put birdseed in my car to entice them in, if that is what it takes for spider pre- vention! Shoot, I've got access to plenty of old newspapers I can put down to catch the mess. As for the house, well, I think a bug bomb (or ten) is overdue! Math&on is the editor of the Hendricks Pioneer A "Snow Bird" rate is available for $3.00 per month extra 50 offto Senior Citizens 62 or older POSTMASTER: Address changes to: The Tyler Tribute EO. 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